Our Story

This blog was started to follow our family’s journey as missionaries. A few years, one more child, three states, and thousand of miles later we are living in Denver, Colorado. Our favorite city! This is this City Mama’s journey to raise my two boys with a solid moral compass and a desire to do right in a city, in a world, that is trying to lead them down a different path.

We love this city. We live in the heart of downtown. We love the people we meet. This blog will explore the quirkiness found in the inhabitants of a city with a thousand identities. But this blog will also discover the teaching moments I find with my children in our lives around the neighborhood.

Why is this The Dependent Life? Because I can’t do this alone. I can’t live in solitude. I can’t parent by myself. I can’t grow without others pushing me along. I need my God, my family, my friends. I need women who will speak truth into my life. And you do too.

If you are a City Mama, a Country Mama, or anything in between, or even if you are a nanny to precious Littles who I know you love as much as if they were family, if you have influence over any young people in your life, I hope we can find encouragement here as we look for a common thread, a common desire: To bring our Young Ones up with a sense of Truth.



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