New Year No Spend: Halfway There

Yesterday was the halfway mark for our New Year No Spend month. You may be wondering how it’s going. Or, more realistically, you’ve forgotten I’ve even been doing this until just this moment. Either way, here’s an update. 12395181_1499274417045599_627505169_n

I’m bad at this. I will give a full report at the end of the month, but I’m finding out that I’m bad at this. Here’s why. When things have popped up throughout the month (birthdays, brunches, dinners with friends, baby showers, etc) I have not hesitated to spend money.

When I give a full update after the month is over, I’ll explain why I’m okay with that, and why our budget is okay with that.

The biggest thing to tackle this month was not eating out. We enjoy trying restaurants around our great city, so taking a break from that is a bit challenging. I have every meal planned, down to breakfast and lunch, so there is no excuse. I even have a huge bag of pancake mix so that on the days when I’ve felt terrible (pregnancy is no joke) I have an easy, quick meal for the kids and husband. Pair instant pancakes with fruit/veggies and yogurt and you’ve got a complete meal.

I will confess, I went through the Chick Fil A drive thru. Once. I had a day where I couldn’t shake the headache that’s been on and off for a month, I was tired and miserable, and I loaded up the boys and headed to CFA.

I wrestled with that decision. I didn’t want to spend, but I also didn’t want to make lunch and it was already after 1:00 and the boys were hungry. I realized that I had an opportunity to show grace to myself and to my kids, so I did.

That’s what our year is about, Grace. That doesn’t mean going to Chick Fil A everytime I don’t feel like making lunch. It does mean giving myself room to receive help when it’s needed.

I don’t really have anything else to report for my halfway mark. I’m sticking to my shopping list when I go to the store once a week for fresh produce, that was one of my biggest goals.

Check in with my other blogging buddies if you want to see how their month is going:

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And our new friend Fiona over at FiFi and Florence, who has been tackling this thing with humor and grace. She’s great.

How is your January going? Did you remember to give yourself grace when planning your new year? I hope so. None of us are going to do anything perfect, and it’s tempting to throw in the towel when we mess up. That’s when grace steps in and says, it’s okay, let’s start again. 

Today is a new day. Tomorrow is a new day. God’s mercies are new every morning. Live in that.



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