The War on Christmas is Not a Thing

Every year around this time I consider writing this blog post. Every year I see, read, or hear Christians get upset about Christmas, and how this nation is not acknowleding CHRISTmas to the fullest extent. I see people get upset over seeing “Merry Xmas” who then yell, “Leave Christ in Christmas!” The media responds with terms like “The War on Christmas,” or “Why Conservatives are Upset over Starbucks.”

This past week Starbucks brought out its red cups, which they do every holiday season. I saw the plain red cups and I guess I liked them. They are simplistic…and honestly that’s all I thought about it because the purpose of the cup is to get the coffee from the urn to my mouth.

As you probably know, the internet lost it’s mind, as it does. How dare Starbucks leave Christmas off their cups? Last year they had reindeer, and Christmas ornaments, and we all know that’s what Christmas is about, and this year their plain red cups are clearly meant as a slap in the face toward Christians everywhere.

Really, people?

Shame on us.

Now, my theory is, that there were a few upset people, and the media has gotten ahold of this and blown it way out of proportion (shocking, right?). Some of my facebook friends have passed around different ways to “trick” Starbucks into writing Merry Christmas on their cups.

Really, people?

I am here to tell you: the War on Christmas is not a thing. Stop trying to make it a thing. I realize this might be hard for some of you to hear, but this is not a Christian nation. This is a nation made up of just about every culture, religion, and ethnicity. Shame on us if we are trying to force others to say “Merry Christmas!”

Every year I see at least one person brag on social media about how their cashier/waiter/neighbor told them “Happy Holidays!” and they rudely responded with something like, “Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! to you!”

Really, people?

Could it be that the cashier is not allowed to say “Merry Christmas,” and she just wants to brighten your day and you responded rudely? After you left the store, she shook her head and thought, that must have been a Christian.

Shame on us.

While we moan and complain about red cups, our brothers and sisters in Christ are being literally killed for what they believe. While we get upset about people writing Xmas instead of CHRISTmas, the rest of the world is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis it’s ever seen.

Shame on us for being so self-focused in the name of the Christ we claim to celebrate.

Shame on us for treating people with pettiness for not believing exactly like we do instead of loving them as Christ does.

Shame on us for thinking that really, truly celebrating the birth of the man, Jesus, who was God, and would change the world forever, and has the power to change our hearts, comes down to what we do or don’t see on a Starbucks cup.

The War on Christmas is not a thing. Just stop it.


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