Snapshot of My Day: The Time I Almost Quit My Day Job

The other day I did something I probably shouldn’t have. I sort of experimented with my children. They talk SO MUCH, you see, and I was getting slightly annoyed by it. Because it’s not just that they talk, it’s that they are talking to me, wpid-wp-1425420889633.jpegand expecting a response. And they keep saying my name until I answer.  No matter where I was in the apartment I kept hearing, “Mom?” “Mom,” “Mom!”

Then an idea came to my head that I should have just let slip on through, as most ideas do. I wonder how many times they say my name in a day? I thought, I could track it!

One hour. How many times could they possibly say my name in one hour? So I made two columns on a note card, and carried it around with me for an hour, making a hash mark every time each boy said my name.

The hour started off like this:

“Um, Mom?”
“Um, Mom? Can we have a snack?”

Well, there’s three to start it off.

The final count? 55. Fifty-five times, you guys. In one hour.

Now, I can’t math, but I do know that that’s almost one time a minute. Think about this for a second. If I were in any other job I would report this to HR. In fact, I tried to report my children to HR, but the HR guy has stopped answering my phone calls. What if you had a coworker that said your name that much? That would be a hostile work environment!wpid-wp-1425420807340.jpeg

I think this is one of the reasons why being a mom is so hard. They won’t leave me alone! This is seriously the hardest job I’ve ever done. Now, lest you think I’m complaining, I do love this job. Most of the time. I’m not so much complaining as I am pointing out the absurd.

I don’t recommend this experiment. You probably won’t like what you find. But if you do keep track, would you let me know?

Keep on trekkin’, mamas. Oh, and by the way, does anyone know the best place to buy ear plugs?


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