Sick Day Routine

You may have read on this post that Big Brother was sick this week. We didn’t go to the doctor, I try not to go there unless we really need to. And I seriously love our pediatrician’s office as they are fantastic about telling me when it’s necessary to come in and be seen. They recognize that coming to a place full of sick kids can be a lot worse than staying at home recovering. They are great.

Over the last couple years I have developed my own strategies for dealing with illness. I have seen a huge difference in our health since doing so and this was actually only our second sick day this winter.

It’s empowering as a mom when you can actively do things to stay healthy, and deal with sickness when it comes, isn’t it? That’s why I want to share my best strategies with you. So here they are, do one of them or all of them.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, obviously, so you should not take my opinions as medical fact, but only as opinions that I’ve seen work with my family. Should you have concerns, talk to your pediatrician or family doctor.

Essential Oils
You’ve most likely heard of essential oils by now, it’s becoming quite a fad. However, don’t think it’s merely a fad, they’ve been around for thousands of years. If you want to know what brands I use you can ask, but that’s not important to this post so I won’t say it here. I just want to say that I love my oils.


I put an immunity blend on our feet before bed, or before going to MOPS or any other place where we’ll be around lots of germy kiddos. I use lavender and tea tree oils for injuries, and peppermint for tummy aches. When one of us is not feeling well I put an immunity blend on our feet throughout the day.

If you want to know more about oils, here are a couple of my favorite sources to check out:
How to Use Essential Oils
The Right Way to Use An Essential Oil
Even a Huffington Post article about essential oils.

Infused Honey
This is exactly what it sounds like. You put stuff in honey, let it sit, until the honey has infused all the goodness of whatever you put in it. Last year I made my own.


I put raw, unfiltered, pure honey into jars and made four different types: Lemon, Ginger, Orange Cinnamon, and Orange Clove. Then I let it sit in the sun for about 3 weeks on our window sill before I strained out the citrus slices, cloves, and cinnamon.

Honey is amazing for healing. It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and has actually been used to heal wounds (source). Honey is the only thing we use as a cough suppressant. I’ve had more than one pediatrician tell me to always choose honey over any over-the-counter medication, as it works the same if not better.

Lemon is just generally good for sickness. I drink lemon in warm water every morning to maintain my own health. If I’m feeling under the weather, lemon-infused honey is great to add to tea or hot water. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory (source), and cloves contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities (source). Ginger is a powerful herb that’s great for curing colds as well as an upset tummy (source).

If one of my boys is suffering from a cough I will usually just give a spoonful of orange cinnamon-infused honey as needed. This is a great resource to have on hand. Check this post out if you’re interested in making your own infusions.

So far I haven’t been able to convince my kids of this one. We’re getting there. Garlic is a strong antioxidant that has been used for centuries to fight and cure disease (source). It has also been shown to lessen cold symptoms or even prevent colds.

When I’m feeling under the weather, or if I know I’ve been exposed to sickness I cut up a clove of garlic and swallow it as I would a pill, and repeat once or twice more throughout a couple days. I also just love the taste of garlic so I add it to any food I possibly can.

Ideally, when my boys are older, they will swallow garlic chopped up with honey. That would pack a powerful antibiotic punch right there.

Juice Plus
Check out my page about Juice Plus to see my full story, I’ll just talk about it briefly here. Juice Plus is fruits and vegetables in a capsule or gummy form. We eat pretty healthy, but there are always going to be gaps in our diet. That’s where Juice Plus comes in. It contains fruits and veggies to make up for what we miss in our diet. I have seen a huge increase in our health and energy levels in the couple months we’ve been taking it. It works.

As I said, this is our second sick day this winter. This is compared to several weeks of being sick the last few winters. My husband is a teacher so we’re assuming he brings home all sorts of germs from his kids at school. So nice of him to share, isn’t it? But we’re resisting illness, so far. I’m thrilled with the way Juice Plus has worked for us. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my Juice Plus website for more info.

One of the things I love about Juice Plus is that it’s not a vitamin or supplement, it’s a food product. Which means that you can’t overdose on it. So when Big Brother was sick earlier this week I gave him triple the amount he normally takes spread throughout the day. He didn’t feel like eating much all day, but Juice Plus was able to give him a nutrient kick from the fruits and veggies he was missing.

The next day he woke up fever free and ready to play with his brother. One day of being flat on his back sick. I’ll take it.

So there you have it. Those are my favorite natural remedies for the Sheppard Household. May you have a healthy winter. 🙂


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