Un-Hidden Mess

Last week I had a couple days of complete chaos around our little apartment. My niece and nephew spent the night, then the next day we had 4 other kids and their mamas here. Our place was a floor to ceiling disaster when everyone was gone at the end of the day. But you know what? I loved every minute of it.

I have six brothers and sisters, and our home was rarely quiet. Growing up, I always wanted that in my own home, not necessarily half a dozen kids, but that house full of noise and life. My greatest joy is being surrounded by people I love and the hubbub that goes with it.

I love it even when it results in a mess. My home is a mess most of the time anyways because I have two preschool-age boys who never stop running, jumping, and climbing. So I’ve quit worrying about the mess. I’m embracing the clutter.

And I think this is a good thing.

You know how you go over to someone’s house and everything is spotless and you’re afraid to touch anything or sit anywhere? You’ll never feel that at my place, hopefully. I’m open with my messes.

My sink will have dirty dishes.

My kids’ toys will be scattered everywhere.

My life won’t be perfect. I won’t have it all together.

I might be struggling. I might be depressed.

I might have scolded my boys a little too much this morning and now be feeling like a terrible mother.

I might need encouragement, because life is hard.

Let’s quit hiding the messes in our homes and our hearts. I’m not always okay. You’re not always okay. And that’s okay.

So come on in, have a warm drink. Put your feet up. Embrace the mess. You’ll be loved here.



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