Baby, Let’s Get Away

The other day we were further west toward the foothills for a Bible study. When we got in the car and turned toward home we saw our city.


Our city is down there hidden in the brown.

Ugh. Covered in smog. Gross.


This is their reaction to looking down on the city. Clearly they prefer the higher climate.

When I was a kid, living near L.A. I remember some days not being able to see across the street because the smog was so thick. It doesn’t get that bad here, fortunately, I never notice it until I’m away from the city looking back.

And this day, I said, Nope, and turned around, heading toward the mountains.


“Boys, we’re going to spend a couple hours in the fresh air before we head back to Industrial Progress.”


Let’s go play.



 My boys are obsessed with climbing rocks, so we went to one of our favorite spots.



I wasn’t exactly prepared for this mission.


Cute heeled boots. Not so great for rock climbing.

So I begged them not to fall because it would take me awhile to rescue them.


“I’m always careful, Mom.” Riiight.

The sun was shining, the snow was beautiful…

wpid-img_20150114_122827.jpgThe day was perfect.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the housework or laundry that’s not done, or the schoolwork we need to do that I forget to live.

Spontaneity. It keeps us alive. Leave the responsibilities, they will be there when you get back. Go. Go to the mountains, go to the beach, to the museum, to the backyard. Put everything down and watch your kids explore.

wpid-img_20150114_122623.jpgIt’s worth it.



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