Let’s Not Forget This Happened

We spent Christmas at my parents house in Iowa last month. My whole family except for one brother (the Marines had priority over where he got to spend the holidays) were together. I have six siblings, that’s a lot of people. We had a blast.

My parents live in a tiny town in the middle of farm country and so we have to make our own fun when we’re there.

G and Sadie

This includes a new puppy for my Mama. Air soft battles, Lego-building, family games…

Also, this happened.

on dad's back

girls reading with dad

whole family

Many thanks to my new sister-in-law, who is marrying my brother in the middle of the Grand Canyon this month, for her photography skills. You can check out more of her work here, she is ah-MAZ-ing!

Family, you guys are the best.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Not Forget This Happened

  1. Lurene Mogler Denke

    The pictures are so precious and I’m so glad you are sharing the love of family and laughter. This is what I am trying to preserve in my genealogy. Love one of your crazy Aunts.


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