Homemade Christmas Ornaments (Or, The Time I Let My Children Throw Paint Across the Living Room)

I took up watercolor and acrylic painting a few years ago as a way to deal with stress. It’s something I really enjoy, when I’m by myself. When my kids want to paint with me, it actually has the opposite result. Stress. So I try to find ways to have stress-free painting sessions. I want to share this one with you so you can perhaps try it with your own kids.
Or husband. Or dog?

I started with these, a 20-pack of iridescent glass ball ornaments. I chose 35mm size (really small) because little Christmas balls are adorable.

I then let the boys pick out 3-5 paint colors and added a bit to the inside of a ball.



And of course, what is a craft without glitter?


We found that the big glitter flakes were no good at all, they simply became coated with paint and disappeared. The small glitter, however, stuck around, as it usually does.
I’m still finding glitter around our kitchen.

My original plan was to loop a string to the top of the ornament and swing it in circles.


This worked for a few of them. But then an enthusiastic twirler swung the string too fast and the top came off the ornament. There was a moment of silent horror as we all watched a paint-filled glass ornament sail through the air across the living room and into the kitchen. It landed on the stove…and somehow didn’t explode paint everywhere. Phew, that was a close call, but I made the decision to put an end to the string method.

Plan B
I gave them the ball to hold, and they started shaking.



This then led to them throwing the balls across the carpeted floor (if you know my children at all, this really isn’t surprising). I unclenched my fists and let it happen, and found that this worked surprisingly well. The paint was mixed in really beautiful ways and I got to hear those beloved giggles that come from my boys having fun.




It was a fun day. And we’ve been having fun giving away the ornaments too.
Sharing the joy.


Do you have a favorite Christmas craft?




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