Snapshot of My Day: Who is Buck?

I can’t always keep up with the imaginary games my boys play. It’s not uncommon for them to run up to me and both shout at once telling me all about their current game, half of which I don’t understand because I’m not brushed up on Transformers, Rescue Bots, or any superheroes. I do understand that Big Brother says he’s a dad who is pretending he’s a dog (that’s a thing?) and Little Guy is a cat who transforms into a truck (sounds logical).

“Wow,” I say, “that sounds…interesting…”

Then they run off to continue in their imaginary world.

The moment I want to highlight happened earlier this week during supper. Tim and the boys were already sitting in the dining room when I brought my plate over and sat in an empty chair.

As I sat down Big Brother and Little Guy both froze and looked at me. Little Guy gasped and said, “That’s where Buck is sitting!”

I stood up and looked behind me expecting to see a toy or stuffed dog. Nothing there. I sat again and looked at Little Guy. His eyes were huge and he said, “You’re sitting on Buck.”

“Who’s Buck?” I asked.

Little Guy looked at me and then looked at his daddy with the kind of look that says, Is she serious? What does she mean, “who is Buck?” What’s wrong with this lady?

Then he turned back to his food and kept eating.

“Who’s Buck?” I repeated.

They all put their heads down, ignoring me, and continued eating in silence.

Apparently I greatly offended a new friend?


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