Snapshot of My Day: The Time I Scolded a Stranger in a Bathroom Stall

I was close to losing it. Big Brother had peed all over the library bathroom floor, because BOYS. He also peed on my shoe. My leather shoe. I had soaked it up with paper towels while several women walked past while my son stood there with his pants around his ankles. I was just about done.

I told Big Brother to stand against the wall next to Little Guy and not to move a muscle.

“Okay,” he replied even as he started walking toward the trash can.

NO! I said as I put him back and made him look me in the eye. I want you to literally stay right here in this spot, do you understand?

“Ohhh, okay.”

I went into my own stall, shut the door and sat. I saw a shadow pass right by the door. You get right back where I told you! I said to the shadow. The shadow paused, then kept moving. I peeked under the door and saw a pair of size 9 black high-heeled boots.

This was not my son.

I just scolded a classy lady in polished ankle boots.

I looked over at the boys and saw two pairs of tennis shoes standing in the exact spot I told them to be. Not moving a muscle.

I considered staying in the bathroom stall all day, but decided to make a run for it instead when Size Nine went into the stall. This happened last week so clearly this Thanksgiving vacation could not have come soon enough. I am spending this week with family rejoicing in the fact that I’m not doing this alone!

And neither are you. So spill it, has something like this ever happened to you?


3 thoughts on “Snapshot of My Day: The Time I Scolded a Stranger in a Bathroom Stall

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  2. Rachel O.

    My rule is that the kids can go into their own bathroom stall, but they can’t come out until I am out of mine. Same as you, I saw a shadow and told said shadow to get back in their stall right away!! The grown woman responded with “but I’m all done and I even wiped myself.” Touché, grown woman, touché.


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