Curious Friday

Woohoo! Friday’s here! This was kind of a rough week around here. First of all, I was rebounding from baring my soul at a weekend ladies retreat, which meant I couldn’t stop eating sugar all week (and I was doing so well before last weekend). I usually don’t self-medicate with sugar (I much prefer self-medicating with Chipotle chips and guac), but we were also stuck in the apartment all week because of the weather. It’s cold. Or at least it was. It’s starting to warm up again and I’m so happy about that. I love the snow, but I wasn’t thrilled about the single digit I kept seeing on the forecast.

I’m also excited that it’s Friday because Tim and I are getting a date night! Yeah! Our way cool church is opening their children’s department up so we can drop off the kiddos and come get them next week after a couple hours. I’m so excited to go out to eat without cleaning up spills, wiping faces, and cutting up food. Although it’s possible I might do a couple of those for Tim out of habit…

Anywho, here’s a fun quote from Curious George that made me chuckle this past week.

From the episode Gnocchi the Critic
(Gnocchi’s a cat, if you didn’t know)

“This is what comes from letting a cat make cooking decisions.”
-Netti, Chef Pisghetti’s wife

What are you up to these next few days? Enjoy your weekend, everyone! And don’t visit any Italian restaurants that let cats make cooking decisions.


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