RIP Road Tractor

It’s happened. We lost one. Road Tractor went to the giant fish bowl in the sky, via the swirling bowl in our bathroom.


If you recall, Road Tractor was the smallest one of our three fish. He also may or may not have been blind. His eyes looked rotted (or eaten?) out. We found him (actually, a friend found him, “is that a dead fish?”) inside the filter.

The filter won’t stay in its spot and sunk to the bottom. Best we can tell, he tried to have a Finding Nemo moment. Stupid fish, we don’t even live near the ocean. How was that gonna work for you?

The boys were sad for about 5 seconds. Then they were fine because this actually happened on the day of Little Guy’s birthday party. New toys are always more appealing than dead fish. Almost always.

RIP little fish, you won’t be missed. Not even by these guys…


…whom I still suspect had something to do with it. They’re looking a little suspicious.


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