Friday Fun Quote

It’s Friday! I don’t know about you, but it has been a loooong week around here. My kids aren’t really digging the whole time change thing, so we’ve been waking up an hour earlier than the clock says to and going about our day in the old time. Which means that somehow I have 25 hours to my day. I can’t figure that out, but it’s exhausting.

I thought it would be fun to put up a movie or TV quote on Fridays to start out the weekend. And here’s the thing, since I’ve been a parent I’ve discovered that children’s shows are hilarious. If you watch long enough with your littles you will be rewarded with a line thrown in there that will make you laugh. And I’m not talking about gross humor, like you see in a certain square-pantsed sponge, but just plain funny stuff.

So here’s my quote for today, from the Curious George movie (2006):

Cab Driver: Where you headed, Yellow?

The Man with the Yellow Hat: Bloomsberry Museum, and I’ll give you an extra ten if you don’t call me “yellow”, Okay?

Cab Driver: Sure thing, Sunshine.


Okay okay, just one more:

The Man with the Yellow Hat: And you! Hiring a monkey to paint your apartment. How can you sleep nights?


Have a great weekend, friends!


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