Snapshot of My Day: Apples, Rabbits, and Little Ears

I turned around just in time to see the avalanche of apples start. Little Guy was standing up in the shopping cart stretching waaay up to the top of the apple stand and Big Brother had climbed on top of the blocks surrounding the display.

Apparently they really wanted the apples at the very top of the pile.

“NOOO!!” I yelled as I lunged toward the tumbling fruit desperately grabbing apples left and right. I heard the sickening thwack! thwack! of apples hitting the tile floor and splitting open.

I softly swore as they rolled underneath the display stand out of reach, “Rabbit!”

Now, obviously I didn’t really say “rabbit.” But my mom reads this blog, so let’s pretend that’s what I said.

I stood up and Little Guy was looking at me with an expression on his face that you would expect to see on a child who just received a cupcake. He just learned a new word! How exciting!

“Rabbit?” He yelled. “Rabbit! Rabbit! RABBIT!!”

I have never completed my shopping so quickly.


2 thoughts on “Snapshot of My Day: Apples, Rabbits, and Little Ears

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