Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I’ve mentioned before that “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my favorite films, mostly for sentimental reasons. One of my favorite lines is when Kathleen Kelly (how can you not love that name?) is emailing her still-anonymous online friend, Joe Fox,

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

Fall is here. I used to love the beginning of fall. The smell of leaves and bonfires. The sounds of marching bands and football games. I’m long past my school days but I still buy pencils and notebooks at the end of every August. I can’t help it.

However, fall leads to winter, and winters are usually dark for me. Emotionally, I mean. I don’t enjoy winter much. So I’ve been dreading fall. I live for summertime. And it’s always so fleeting.

A couple weeks ago we went on a spur-of-the-moment camping trip. We packed up supplies, kids, dog and headed west.

IMG_7978 IMG_7983


These two never stop talking when they hike. Seriously.



Can you believe these colors? One side of the road was green, the other, yellow.



Give them dirt and they will play for hours.



We realized we forgot the pot to heat water for coffee. Big oops when you’re sleeping on the ground. We tried to make a pot out of tin foil. Did it work?


Tin foil bowl did not work. Fortunately we had kind neighbors who were more than happy to help the coffee-less.


Yeah, that’s the stuff!

IMG_7975 IMG_7976


A beautiful sight.


I could sit here for years and drink coffee.

You know what? I’m ready for fall now. I am. That camping trip was really good for me. It was a farewell to summer and a preview of the beauty of the season. Bring it on, fall. I’m ready.

What’s your favorite part about fall?





4 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

  1. Vultron

    The air gets more crisp. The campfire smoke smell on every article of clothing. The easiest season to dress comfortably. Cool nights, and ooh ooh oh, the colors. Sweet pictures, that looked like a beautiful trip!

    1. The Dependent Life Post author

      Ooh, those are all good things too. Our van smelled like campfire for days after our trip. Unfortunately it also smelled like dirty boys and wet dog at the same time. Oh well. It was an awesomely beautiful trip.


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