It’s Only Tuesday?

Hi. It’s Tuesday. I thought it was later in the week. But then I realized it’s only Tuesday. How’s your week going? Mine’s great, except that I thought it was later than Tuesday. (It’s only Tuesday?) So far this week I’ve:

  • Cleaned toilets.
  • Done so much laundry.
  • Succeeded in getting my boys to try (and like!) beets (they turn your smoothies bright pink, you guys!).
  • Given my dog a daily dose of oil for her ears.
  • Been singing “Everything is Awesome,” because it’s stuck in my heeeeeeaaaadd, help!
  • Actually said the words, “Don’t lick the building.”
  • Answered this question, “Mom, what does a giraffe make?” (Hmm, I don’t know, minimum wage?)
  • Told my son to pee outside because I didn’t want to leave the sunshine yet (go ahead, judge away).
  • Given my puppy and kitten their treats, and by this I mean, Hand-fed my sons their daily vitamins.
  • Changed 6 poopy diapers. SIX! This is from one kid. ONE!
  • Watched an embarrassing number of Malcolm in the Middle episodes on Netflix after the boys have gone to sleep.
  • Been encouraged by dear friends, coffee, pumpkin cookies, sunshiny picnic tables, and kindred spirits.

wpid-img_20140901_122327.jpgIf your week hasn’t included this it should. I’m referring to the last bullet point, the others are just weird (my kids are weird, is this really my life?). I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely need other people in my life. My friends make me feel less weird about being a parent, and give me hope that I’m doing a good job. Do you have that? I hope you do. It’s hard work to find people to be vulnerable with, but so worth it. Make the effort. Do it.

For fun, what has your week looked like so far? Tell me about it.


2 thoughts on “It’s Only Tuesday?

  1. Kate

    Love this! Great reminder life is definitely more full when spending time with friends. Thank you Emily for these encouraging honest stories. Look forward to the next one!


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