Bug Guts and Coffee

As I drank my coffee this morning, I thought back to when I started drinking coffee. I was 19 and thought it was gross. But there was this boy I liked, and he wasn’t gross. He drank coffee, he offered me coffee, I was hooked. On the coffee, that is, the boy didn’t last as long. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t offer me drugs or this would have been a different story altogether.

It’s funny the things you do when you are googly-eyed over someone. When I was in middle school I let a boy smash a lightning bug on my finger in the shape of a ring. It glowed. Let me repeat that: I let a boy…smoosh bug guts…on my hand. That is disgusting, even for me, and I grew up with three brothers.

Another time I considered keeping a piece of gum forever because a certain boy gave it to me. My thirteen year old self fortunately realized how creepy that was and decided against it.

Things are different now, thankfully. I love my husband. He’s pretty cool. But nowadays it’s more like this, “Eww, your toothbrush is touching mine, move it back to your spot!” I told Tim early on in our relationship (almost a decade ago?!) that I really couldn’t stand the music he listened to and I couldn’t even pretend to like it. Maybe that’s when you know it’s the real thing, when you can keep ahold of your true self even in the insanity that is love.

Have you ever done anything ridiculous for a crush?


Aww, weren’t we cute back then?


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