Bad Luck July

To forewarn you, I’m not writing this out of a want for pity or well wishes. There are a lot of you out there in worse circumstances than us, and bad stuff happens to us all. I’m writing this out of a need to find humor in the crap life throws at us.

I’m also wondering if any of you go through a week of solid bad luck every once in awhile. We do. It usually happens in July too. Not sure what the deal is with July. When I was a kid I got chicken pox during July. So did my 3 brothers and my little sister. And my dad. Not a good July.

But seriously, sometimes a lot of stuff goes wrong all at once and we look at each other and think, Why? Like two summers ago (during July, of course) when we were working at summer camp and had a hornet nest on the outside of our camper. One got stuck in my hair, got a little angry, and stung me on the left ear. Ouch! Then my ear swelled up. Like, really really big. It was about double the size of my right ear. I have pictures but seriously, I’m not sharing.

So my ear was swelling, and itchy, so naturally I took some Benadryl. Benadryl knocks me out cold and so I slept so hard that I threw my back out and had to leave camp the next day to have an emergency chiropractic visit.

The thing about life is that once you can laugh at something you will survive it. We have been laughing about this past week.

This week was setting out to be the hottest week of the summer. Several days nearing or above 100 degrees were in the forecast. Aaaand our air conditioning broke. We live on a third floor with skylights and a southwest facing wall and windows. It gets hot in here.

Also Tim’s vehicle stopped working and needed a new battery. Down to one car which means we were either stuck at home in the heat or driving Tim back and forth to work, sacrificing nap time.

Several shenanigans later, our A/C is still not fixed and probably won’t be soon. We’ve got a window unit barely cooling us and a million fans running constantly. (Really. A million.) Then, get this, when we went to get a new battery for the one vehicle, the other vehicle died in the parking lot. We needed a new battery for that one too!

I haven’t had Coke in over two months (the cola, not the drug), but I had one that day (because Sam’s Club doesn’t sell cold beer at their concessions). What a week! We are spending this next week in the mountains with family and it could not come at a better time. Bring on the cool mountain air, we’re ready.


2 thoughts on “Bad Luck July

  1. lashumway

    July might be cursed. This week I think was my worst for stuff piling crap on my head(even some literally, stupid sewer) so far. Let’s hope it stays that way forever and ever, because I don’t like this at all.


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