The Old Bold Gold Fish

When Big Brother turned three he was given three goldfish for his birthday from a family friend. I allowed this because I was sure the fish would be dead within weeks (this was always my experience with fish). Shortly after we got them we discovered the fish were already a couple years, years, old at that point. Now here we are, two years later, and the fish are still alive.

Wikipedia told me that if treated well and with proper aeration of the water, goldfish will live for several decades. What?! These fish are quickly becoming legend. We got them when we lived in Michigan and shortly after that we moved to Minnesota. Then we took them from MN to Iowa when we moved to Colorado. They stayed with my parents for awhile while we were shuffling living spaces, then took a trip back to MN and finally out to Colorado where they are now living happily on top of my bookshelf.


When I was home last spring I went to my parent’s chiropractor and while he adjusted my back he asked me about my fish. The chiropractor. He doesn’t even live in the same town as my parents. He knows about the fish that just won’t die. This is getting weird.

The biggest fish, Chi Charlie, is getting huge. And the bigger he gets, the bolder he gets. At first they were right by my kitchen sink, which was kind of fun because when I’d wash dishes they would all three come and stare at me out the glass while I worked. Chi Charlie has almost jumped out a couple of times, that’s why we have a lid.


We’ve jerry-rigged the filter because it’s broken but we don’t want to buy another one because goldfish don’t live long, right? Right?

I’m amazed at how much personality fish can have. The biggest one, Chi Charlie is a bully. He chases the others when it’s feeding time and won’t let them eat until he’s had his fill. He also is the most social and will come over when he sees someone and vibrate until you feed him. Yes, vibrate. I don’t know what else to call it.

The next one is Katniss and she (of course it’s a girl, her name is Katniss) is pretty laid back.

The littlest one is Road Tractor (we let 3-year old Big Brother name them), but his nickname is Helen Keller because I’m pretty sure he can’t see. It looks like his eyes are missing. I’m not sure how this happened but I suspect Chi Charlie. So Road Tractor just wanders around blindly trying to stay out of the bigger guy’s way, hoping to eat, somehow staying alive.

I don’t care for the fish more than a little, but I can’t just let them die as some have suggested. My kids like them. And they are kind of cute. People have said to just “forget” to feed them, or outright flush them, or even hire a fishy hit-man. *Sigh* I can’t do it. I’ll just wait 25 more years and maybe they’ll die.

Did you know fish can live that long?



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