Those Special Someones

I tried really hard to not make my kids become attached to anything. Anything stuffed, that is. I’d like it very much if they were attached to me (I feed them, they have to be) or to each other. What I mean is, I wasn’t the mom always putting them to bed as babies with their blankey or stuffed dog or something. I didn’t want to be that mom rushing back to the restaurant/church/hotel/friend’s house/park for the dog/bear/blankey/thing.


This is not a toy. This is our actual dog.

But I am that mom. Little Brother attached himself to a scruffy, handed-down white dog affectionately known as Bubba. He became especially close to it when he was a year old and we moved in with Husband’s parents. He needed the security in the midst of our unstable lives, I guess.

If your kid has a favorite animal, you know how this goes: It gets disgusting, he won’t let me wash it, we leave it behind everywhere and have to go back for it because he won’t sleep without it, he carries it everywhere.

But an interesting thing happened. When we moved to Colorado last year we unpacked all our other toys and the boys discovered that we have LOTS of stuffed animals. Now they each have, on average, 5 to 7 “special toys” that they cannot sleep without and must come with us when we drive in the car. We have so many special “Pets” that I’m starting to sell them on the sly. Check out my eBay page if you’re interested.

And their favorites change. Constantly! Putting the kids to bed is like taking a quiz.

“Mom, I need Yellowish and Rhiny!”

“Who and what now?”

Along with Bubba, Yellowish and Rhiny (a rhino, of course) there is Purplish, Jonna, Ralphie, Ralphie’s Brother, Ralphie’s Baby, Giant, Kangey (not a kangaroo as you would expect, it’s actually a deer), Brownie (who is not brown), Star Dog (who is a bear, not a dog), Clifford, Squeaky, Penny, and Meowy. And many, many others who I apparently haven’t been properly introduced to yet, otherwise I would know their names, I’m sure.

These animals have birthdays, you guys. A lot. We have birthday parties for stuffed dogs. And cats. And rhinos. This is my life.

Do your kids have special toys?


2 thoughts on “Those Special Someones

  1. nikkihouchen

    Ryle had a dog named Loco for a while and now she has a cat that the stuffing is gone from his neck and a duck. Don’t even remember where we got them or when . She is 9 years old!! My boys like their toys but not to sleep with mostly because they are plastic superheroes and Legos! !


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