Overheard at the Zoo

Our Christmas gift to ourselves this year was an annual pass to the Denver Zoo for our family. Best Christmas gift ever! We love the zoo and the best part about going with little ones is that they see everything with fresh eyes no matter how many times they’ve seen it before. Lots of fun.


A couple weeks ago we took an afternoon zoo trip when Tim got off work. Here are the best quotes from the day:

“Do the chipmunks eat the cheetahs?”

“I wanna see the axes.”

“I don’t want him!! I don’t want him!!”  (Little Guy’s reaction to seeing the rhino.)

“He’s dead.” (Said about every animals that was sleeping or just not moving.)

When asked what these were pictures of, Little Guy responded,


“A shark”


and “an Elevator”









This is a step up from last time we were there, he excitedly pointed to the signs and started yelling, “I wanna see the dolphins! I wanna see the dolphins!”

Umm, not quite, little man.

And finally, I leave you with this:


Frankly, it just sounds like the howler monkeys are lonely and need a friend.

Do you enjoy the zoo?


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