Aaaaaaand…We’re Back!

Hello friends! If you’ve been wondering what happened to me (as in, where did my favorite blog go?) I’ve been wondering the same thing. Actually, what did happen was vacation, Polar Vortex, new phone, internet woes…otherwise known as April.

At the end of March I took off with my two boys across the country to spend a couple weeks visiting our extended families. And let me tell you, this Polar Vortex thing that’s been plaguing the eastern half of our country is no joke. People all over my small hometown in Iowa looked like they had just made it through a war. I think I met 2 people who were not coughing or experiencing runny noses, and they lived inside bubbles. (Kidding. Sort of.)

People had a look on their faces like they had fought a battle with the Abominable Snowman and barely won, but really lost. This winter was a big deal.

Then on to Minnesota where the natives were just as miserable. But really, isn’t every winter in Minnesota vortex-like? Not to mention the fact that the people of Minnesota tend to see horrid weather as their lot in life that they must endure. We must have done something to deserve this.

Midwesterners, I am so sorry for what you’ve been through. Come to Colorado and let us rest your weary souls and warm your cold limbs. Once you experience it, you’ll never go back!

Right, now where was I? Oh yes, new phone. We were set to get our new internet connection set up on April 1st. I got a new phone which took away our existing hotspot (slow, unreliable, horrible internet connection). It took us an entire month, and two internet providers to finally, today, get internet in our household once again. An. Entire. Month.

So I apologize for leaving you all hanging. The only access I had was my itty-bitty phone screen and I can barely text something that makes sense on it not to mention write an entire blog post.

But now I’m back. And better than ever! (Well, that might be pushing it…)


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