Snapshot of My Day: Peace

Today (Sunday) was an absolutely gorgeous day. We rode our bikes down to the river and headed north of the city with the boys in the bike trailer. As we headed back into the city it was beginning to get quite warm and we decided to go all the way in to the Riverfront REI and hit up their Starbucks. We then climbed to the top of the hill on the opposite side of the river and spread out a blanket.


2014-03-09 14.33.40

For a moment we sat in the shade with our cool drinks, addictingly-good Oreos, and drowsy boys.

We looked down upon the river and the hundreds of people walking, riding bikes, tooling on Segways…and it was peaceful.

This is a snapshot I want to remember. Because it won’t always be this way. Experience has taught me that. But if I take life moment by moment…savor the peaceful times…I can deal with the other stuff.

2014-03-09 15.08.10

It didn’t take long for the boys to discover the patch of soil waiting for spring flowers. They dug and played while Tim and I watched from our blanket. This was their project:

2014-03-09 15.25.36

“This empty bottle needs to be filled with dirt. We’re not sure why.”

It was a peaceful day. How was your Sunday?




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