The Joke’s On Us

Knock-Knock jokes are popular around our house. If you know my kids or are familiar with the conversations we have you probably realize how easily the jokes my kids tell might go south. And they do. Little Guy’s favorite joke for awhile went like this:

Little Guy: Knock Knock!
Unsuspecting Victim: Who’s there?
Little Guy: My peepee is!!

Yeah, we’re working on him. Big Brother’s joke usually is some version of this:

Big Brother: Knock Knock!
Slightly-Suspicious Victim: Who’s there?
Big Brother: Guy on a bike.
Victim: Guy on a bike, who?
Big Brother: A guy was riding his bike down the street and then he fell off it and got hit by a car and then fell in the ocean and was eaten by a shark.

Yikes! When they’re not telling these jokes, or jokes that closely resemble these, they are just saying nonsensical things that make no sense but are hilarious to them. If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about.

Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Pizza who?
Pizza and mud and rah rah blue! (Then they throw in some sound effects and actions for good measure.)

When it’s my turn to tell a joke I tell the same one every time. It’s a Knock-Knock classic.

Me: Knock-Knock
Big Brother: Who’s there?
Me: Interrupting cow.
Big Brother: Interrupting cow—
Me: MOOOOOO!!!!!


Little Guy’s like, “Wait…what?”

It makes me laugh every. Single. Time. And every single time Big Brother gets upset with me and tells me that I interrupted him and he wasn’t finished talking.

IMG_1684 crop

“Seriously, Mom. Stop interrupting me!”

That’s the point, buddy.

Do your kids tell jokes?


Mind. Blown.


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