Sending Love

I love the month of February. Crazy, I know, because so many of you are desperate for spring after being snowed in for what seems like years and years. But here’s why I love it: January is awful. I think that no matter where you live January is the worst of your winter season. If not, please let me know, I might move in with you.

But then February comes. Lincoln’s birthday, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Leap Year…day. These silly holidays don’t seem like such a big deal, but they matter to me. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day and so I feel like everyone is having a party and sending love to each other all on account of ME! (It’s my one day a year to be slightly narcissistic, give me a break.)

I try to communicate to my boys that Valentine’s Day is a special day to show love to all the people in our lives that we love, not just our sweethearts. Because some Valentine’s Days we will have sweethearts and some we won’t. That’s life.

We spent the evening of the 14th at the airport picking up Tim’s parents. They were visiting from (Brrrrr) Minnesota for a few days and we were there waiting. With signs, of course.

Displaying 2014-02-15 09.05.46.jpg

Little Guy got hungry while waiting and started eating his sign.

I actually really like making the trip out to the airport. Here in Denver it’s (in)conveniently situated in the middle of the prairie (way) outside of the city. It’s quite a drive. But it’s exciting. Waiting behind the rope, rapidly scanning the faces of people getting off the escalator. Is that them? Are they over here? Quick, hold up your sign!

Displaying 2014-02-15 09.06.06.jpg

It’s always fun, too, to watch other people greet their loved ones. We started chatting with a couple of young girls who were waiting for the boyfriend of one of the girls to come home from his 7 month deployment. Her sign read, “Oh Soldier Boy, so brave and fine, won’t you be, my Valentine?”

Cute, right? Unfortunately we left before we could see their reunion.

I don’t know much where this rambling post is going, except to say that February around our place is a month-long love note. To our YaYa and Papa, to our kids, our parents, to our friends, to the people we meet along the way. This is not to say that every other month we completely ignore these same folks, but rather we take some special time to make sure to say, “I Love You!” through a note, a phone call, some homemade cookies, or just a hug.

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Hopefully your hugs are a little less like strangling than ours.

Maybe you can use this dreary, cloudy winter month to do the same. Bring a little sunshine to someone’s day.


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