Snapshot of My Day: Choose Laughter

This is a new thing called Snapshot of My Day where I give you, well, a snapshot…of…my day. Except it’s a literary snapshot, not a picture. Because that would be boring. So to begin, I will give you a little background of what my morning looked like.

It was -1 degrees when we left the house this morning to go to Bible Study Fellowship. So of course I had to start getting ready 4 hours earlier than normal (that’s called “hyperbole“) in order to include all the snowpants, coats, boots, mittens, hats, scuba gear, etc that I have to put on the boys.

BSF ends at 11:30 and I thought for sure that I could run a few errands before giving my boys anything to eat and they wouldn’t end up whiny or grouchy. Smart.

So we get home at 1:15, and here’s the part I’m giving you a shot of. Little Guy is laying on the ground right inside the back door to our building. He’s crying because he doesn’t want to walk up three flights of stairs. I am up half a level with my arms loaded down with groceries, diaper bags, and spare mittens begging and pleading with him to walk up the stairs. Big Brother is up three flights yelling down to me, “Mom! I really have to go pee!”

I started crying. And then I started laughing, because frankly, I didn’t want to cry.

Mamas, in those moments when your life is as crazy as mine (I know it is), choose laughter. My philosophy is that when life throws crap at you, you can either laugh or cry.

Choose laughter.


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