The People I Run Into…

While I was begging my boys to sit down in the shopping cart an older woman gave me a smile of encouragement. I smiled back, relieved that someone else recognized how much fun it is NOT while shopping with children. Sprouts Farmer’s Market is not a huge store so we encountered her a few more times as I removed my boys hands from the barrels of peanuts, chocolate covered everything, and endless granola.

While I was weighing my quinoa (*sigh* Denver, what have you done to me?) she was next to me bagging up some barley. My children, of course, chose this moment when their mama’s hands were full to try to climb out of the cart. I tried to grab the cart, bag up my grains, and push the legs of little boys back into the cart.

This dear woman started laughing at me, with me, and I started laughing too at the ridiculous of trying to shop with children. She told me she had 2 boys as well, but hers were 13 months apart.

“Oh my!” I replied, “Mine are a little over 2 years apart.”

Then she said, “Well, what happened was, the one was lactose intolerant, and the other cried all the time.”

I laughed with her at that while silently giving thanks that mine don’t cry all the time, at least not anymore.

Then she said, “I can understand why people beat their children,” and then she walked away.

I waited until I was out of earshot before I burst into laughter. I thought for sure she was going to give me what I hear constantly when I’m out in public with my Littles, Enjoy them while they’re young. This woman was refreshingly honest and somehow still remembered how hard this can be. I was encouraged, and humored.

Thank you, Sprouts lady, and enjoy your barley.


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