Angels Working Overtime (Part 2)

If you missed part one, check it out. I talked about how I thought God was protecting my kids from harm. The second recent incident where I was left praising God that my boys were safe involved our garbage disposal.

Immediately after we moved into our new place a few weeks ago our dishwasher and garbage disposal broke. When we had someone in here fixing the disposal he told us that whoever installed it had no idea what they were doing. The cord was getting wrapped tighter and tighter around the disposal (not sure if the spinning blades were pulling on it or what) and he said the wiring was not even grounded.

Now, I’m no electrician, but I’m pretty sure that when something’s not grounded that’s not a good deal. He told me it was a short-out waiting to happen. He fixed it. No big deal, right?

Except, my kids are obsessed with playing hide-and-seek. I frequently hear “I’m hiding!” at random times throughout the day and I have to go find the hider. What is Big Brother’s favorite place to hide? You guessed it: underneath the sink. In our smaller apartment downstairs we had to get creative to find hiding places so he regularly hid under the bathroom and kitchen sink.

If he would have hid under the sink his head would have been inches away from this wiring nightmare.

But he didn’t.

For some reason, as soon as we moved upstairs he had no desire to hide under the kitchen sink. He hid under the bathroom sink but never once did I find him under the kitchen one.

Why? Why did he never go to his favorite hiding place? God’s watching out for him, I think.

I’m thankful that Someone is watching over my children, because I can’t do it constantly. I’ve tried.

How have you experienced God’s protection in your life?

2014-01-21 20.47.20

The underside of our sink now looks like this. No room here for hiding!


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