Angels Working Overtime

I always think that there are angels working overtime watching over my boys. It’s not so much that they are naughty, they are just boys. And they are curious. And fearless. And everywhere at once.

I think about myself as a child and how daring I was and how I was constantly getting hurt. Most of the time I didn’t tell my parents because I was doing something I shouldn’t have (they probably knew anyway, parents know everything). My dad told us not to stand up on the skateboard, I did and it hurt. Once I jumped off my friend’s bunk bed onto a pile of blankets (seemed like a good idea at the time) and hid a limp (probably unsuccessfully, I’m sure) for 2 weeks.

So when I catch my youngest when he falls down the stairs (because why shouldn’t he hop down the stairs like a frog?) or stop my oldest from climbing the bookshelf I tell myself that I am getting paid back for the gray hairs I gave my parents.

There were two recent incidents that left me almost in tears as I thanked God for his protection of my littles.

The first: We were waiting in line at the Walgreens pharmacy. There was a lady in front of us with a big dog. The dog had a pill case attached to his leash and collar so I assume he was a service animal. He looked like this:

Massive dog! As we were going to get in line Big Brother went up to the dog to say hi. He knows he is not supposed to pet any dog without first asking permission but apparently he thought it was okay to get really close and speak to the dog (we have since corrected this assumption). The dog got nervous and backed away from him. I saw this and grabbed Big Brother reminding him that we always ask before approaching a strange dog. Then we got in line.

This is when the dog decided he really did not like my children. He started barking and growling. His owner scolded him and calmed him down. He was quiet for 30 seconds but then lunged toward my boys while growling. I was terrified! I really believe he would have attacked them if not on a short leash. His owner was mortified and quickly finished up her business and got out of there with her dog straining against the leash and growling very menacingly. (When we left the building this all happened again as they were standing outside.)

I am thanking God for his protection because I’m wondering why in the world if this dog was so upset by small children (some dogs really hate children) why did he not attack Big Brother when he first approached him? This could have been so much worse. Brother’s face was inches away from the dog’s mouth.

The second incident…Is going to have to be a new post. This one is long enough.

How have you seen God protecting your children?


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