Why I Clean My Bathroom

Yesterday I wrote about how my domestic skills are lacking, and it’s no secret. I have to trick myself into doing chores. Like, I rewarded myself with a piece of toffee this morning for getting all the dishes done. A clean sink makes me happy. Toffee makes me happier.

I also try to come up with reasons why I should do this or that household chore. So today I present to you:

Reasons to Clean My Bathroom:

  • Sometimes when I’m popping my birth control pill out of its little foil wrap it falls into the sink. If my sink is clean I don’t have to make the choice between the plague and having a baby. (I always choose plague.)

    dirty sink1 Dirty sink

    This is not my sink, I promise.

  • Two days ago I was helping Little Guy brush his teeth and he scrubbed the bottom of the sink with his toothbrush and put it back in his mouth! I’m trying not to gag while writing this.
  • Currently our shower in the loft doesn’t have a door, which means we’re using the bathtub shower, which means that when Tim or I shower we take the tub toys out of the tub and put them on the floor by the tub. Which means of course they don’t stay there, they get kicked around the floor, behind the toilet, next to the trash can, etc. Which means the children pick them up and play with them. Ugh. I am keeping that floor clean.
  • Kids do weird things. Like when I give them a snack and then they disappear and I find them in the bathroom together eating their snack, for no reason that makes sense to me. I’m trying to keep that place clean and also figure out why my kids are so strange.

So those are my reasons to keep my bathroom clean. This is what makes me get up and accomplish stuff around the house. Otherwise I’m sure it would quickly turn into a den of filth.

What are your reasons for cleaning?


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