Housekeeping for Dummies

If you know me well you might know that I am slightly undomesticated. Okay, perhaps more than slightly. I’m not a great housekeeper. All this cleaning and tidying and laundry and dishes are foreign to me. I grew up developing my Frisbee-throwing skills, running-legs, and literary knowledge. Those things don’t come in handy here. I pretty much suck at keeping house.

As we’ve been unpacking boxes in our new home I found a cookbook someone gave me as a wedding gift. 

2014-01-13 20.27.25

Apparently “everyone” has this cookbook. Do you?

I just realized I’m slightly offended by this book and here’s why:

2014-01-13 20.29.09

Grilled cheese, you guys. There is a recipe in this book for grilled cheese. You know, that thing where you put cheese on bread and toast it in a pan?

Someone out there was afraid that my new husband and I were going to starve due to my lack of cooking skills and so gifted us this no-brainer cookbook. (If this was you that gave it to us, please don’t be offended…I love you!)

When two of my siblings visited Tim and I for spring break our first year of marriage they brought back tales of excellent food that their dear sister had prepared for them. “She can cook!” They excited reported to my mother.

Yes, yes I can cook. I’m an excellent cook, in fact. However, most of the time I choose not to. Meh.

I started out this post with a completely different direction in mind, regarding cleaning my bathroom. But I think you’re going to have to wait for tomorrow for that.

In case you’re wondering why I still hang on to that cookbook, I keep it because there’s an incredible recipe for jam on toast in it.



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