No Architects Here

I wrote earlier about Christmas Traditions, and tonight we tried our hand at one of the most popular traditions: Building a Gingerbread House. It would be interesting if this blog gave you a history on why this is even a thing, but since I abhor doing research for things I don’t necessarily care about…

Anyway. Where was I? We bought a kit at Walmart (Walmart shopping during Christmas season…*shudder*) and put it together tonight as a family. If you’ve never done minor construction with children and are somehow thinking this would be easy, you are insane. My oldest son was born to be a foreman and is excellent at giving out instructions and telling me where to put the “glue” (frosting) and referring back to the picture on the box and telling me again and again how I was doing it wrong.

Here are some pictures to tell the story.

2013-12-19 19.16.18

Look how beautifully it started out.

2013-12-19 19.16.12

Starting to eat, er, I mean put the candies on the house.

2013-12-19 19.16.25

Looking good.

There was a huge pile of candy in front of the house when we started. Somehow it disappeared quicker than we could decorate. Where did it all go?

2013-12-19 19.18.50

That blur you see? That is Big Brother’s hand. He was consuming candy so quickly you can’t even see it.

And of course, the final product…

2013-12-19 19.26.16

Isn’t he cute?

Turns out, apparently, that you can’t push candy into the frosting with the force of a bulldozer. Boys started to fuss about their project caving in, but we pacified them by letting them eat part of it.

This was lots of fun to do and I highly recommend it. Although next time I think we might just do graham crackers.

Oh, and did I mention we did all this while listening to Christmas music by the light of a fire?

2013-12-19 17.17.33

Netflix: Fireplace for Your Home


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