What’s the Condition of Your Tradition?

The thing about traditions is, some of them might be embarrassing. That’s because families are weird. Yes, even yours. One night during my teen years my dad asked us all a question during dinner (all 6 of us kids). He told us we needed a family secret and asked what we thought it should be. There were several contributions, including my brother’s name suggestions for our younger siblings (Slobbering Idiot), and that one time the neighbor girl pooped on the sidewalk.

Apparently that wasn’t what he had in mind and he told us that my mom was pregnant and that was going to be our secret. We were a little less thrilled about that than our other ideas, but my baby sister is pretty cool so we came around (no, she’s not still a baby, silly).

The Christmas Season comes with family baggage traditions, some great, some not so great. People have told me that the only way they survive the holidays is with alcohol because their family drives them batty. That’s not a great tradition. I’m blessed to have a family that loves each other even while we drive each other batty. We don’t need alcohol to get along. It helps, but we don’t need it.

When we were kids we would sleep on the floor in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Great tradition when we were young, but sleeping on the floor now is the worst. I guess I grew out of that one.

And of course we have a tradition of driving around looking at Christmas lights, as I’m sure many of you do too. Only now we are super judgmental about it.

What in the world were they thinking with that huge blowup snowman?

Why did they only decorate half of that tree?

Is…Is Santa peeing?

We are obviously experts, and have never put up Christmas lights ourselves. But aren’t the best critics the ignorant ones anyway?

But my favorite tradition, and the whole point of this post, is a little embarrassing. So of course I’m going to share it with the whole internet. Ready? Okay. We love Holiday Pies from McDonalds. It’s this creamy, flaky goodness that only happens once a year. They are great to pick up after looking at Christmas lights and eat while still warm (if you let them cool they become a little gross).  Do me a favor and never look up Google Images for this product. Just don’t. I told you not to. If you look too closely at any McDonalds “food” you will go blind it becomes really shady.

So I told you our tradition that I’m not proud of. I want to hear yours. What is your favorite/weirdest/coldest/worst/most creative Christmas tradition? I wanna know!


4 thoughts on “What’s the Condition of Your Tradition?

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  3. katelikestocreate

    Holiday pies? I’m jealous! McDonalds only ever does regular apple ones here in Australia (mmmm…) And yes, I know they’re bad for you and they don’t really count as a foodstuff, but still – mmmm!


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