The Middlemen

Over the last three days I have prepared 3 hot dogs for the trash can. I cooked them and then threw them right into the trash. Okay, actually they spent a little bit of time on my children’s plates first, but then into the trash, untouched.

The boys will eat hot dogs if they have fried cornbread wrapped around them (c’mon, who wouldn’t?) but just plain hot dogs? Nope. The only reason I’m trying to force this delicacy down their picky gullets is because Big Brother asked me to buy them. He told me he really likes them. He liked them last month, but now he won’t eat them.

All the parenting books say that kids may need to try new foods 8-12 times before they will eat them. Up to 12 times! Does anyone else get frustrated by all the waste there is in the meantime before your kid decides to like it?

I have a package of hotdogs that I need to use up, so I will continue cooking them for the trash can, with a short stop on the middlemen’s plate. Maybe by the last one they will actually start eating them.


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