TimIMG_7293 has been mourning the loss of a title. Little Guy switched from calling him Daddy to just Dad. If you’re a parent, you understand what a big transition this is. It means he is growing up.

There seems to be certain things that are reserved for Daddy that don’t occur as much with Dad. Daddy seems to convey: I need you. Dad, however, seems to say: Watch me. Watch me play, watch me climb, watch me grow up.

As much as it pleases us to see our kids grow, it is also bittersweet. This time is precious even when it doesn’t feel like it. Even on the days when I long for them to be completely independent so I can stop wiping bums, noses, and faces. They are becoming little men before our very eyes.

It’s been a confusing transition though. Little Guy’s word that meant Daddy sounds like this: Dibby.

His word for Big Brother sounds like this: Dibby.

Got it? Let’s go over that again.

Daddy: Dibby. Big Brother: Dibby.

Hear the difference yet? Yeah, neither do we…

When did your Littles stop calling you Mommy or Daddy?


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