New Blog Name?

Monday brought in the most traffic I’ve ever had in my blog’s history. If you don’t know, I wrote a post explaining the frustrating current life of the Sheppards. And the next day, I continued it. At first I was like, really, readers? I try to create a beautiful and humorous picture of life in this city, but my biggest post is when I detail our issues? I was a little let down, but then super encouraged by the response I got. There are a lot of people out there who care about us. That’s awesome.

2013-11-03 12.11.18

See, we can’t even take a family photo correctly.

So then I thought that this was an excellent opportunity to build up my readership. So I decided to change the name of my blog to Crappy Stuff that Happens to the Sheppards.

So here goes:

Two days ago I broke my favorite coffee mug. It shattered all over the kitchen floor.

Last weekend a bottle of honey leaked all over the inside of my diaper bag/carry-all/purse. Don’t ask why there was a bottle of honey in my bag. It has something to do with having to take it home because both boys sucked on it at its previous location.

Okay okay, I’m totally kidding (not about the honey, that is all too true unfortunately). I’m not changing the blog. That would be the most depressing blog in history, if not hilarious in its messiness. I am keeping my current purpose.

I hope you will come back again and again and be encouraged, even if it’s by the fact that your life is nowhere near as chaotic as mine (at least not today). You can even subscribe and receive an update every time I post something new! Yes, you can! And should! Look to the right, there’s the option, right there. Do it. I might even tell you about the time Tim was hundreds of miles away and Big Brother split his head open to the bone. (so. much. blood.) Fun, right?

2013-11-03 12.11.27

There we go. Got it.


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