Jesus in the Park

On a warm weekend (fleeting weren’t they?) a few weeks ago we took a walk along the riverfront and ended up at Confluence Park.  A favorite activity of the Little Ones is throwing rocks (we’d rather they hurl them into water instead of at other kids at the playground), so our destination was the rocky riverfront. As we walked through the green toward the water we passed quite a few other warm-weather-seekers.


Watch me throw this one, Mom, and narrowly miss my brother’s head.

There were the Frisbee throwers and the football players of course. But a couple odd pockets of people caught my attention. There appeared to be some sort of breastfeeding mom’s group (and one dad?). That’s the only explanation I can think of for that many nursing mamas in one place. Good for them, I thought.

Uphill, and consequently, upwind from the mothers and babes was the, um, I’m struggling with what to call this one… Well, they were smoking pot. If you think that’s unusual to do in public on a Saturday afternoon, it’s totally legal here, but that’s another post for another day.

As we walked back to the van after throwing every single rock into the river, we again walked through the haze of cannabis, an interesting thought came to my head. Jesus would have been on the top of the hill with them.


That made me a little uncomfortable.

But the more I thought about it…yeah, he would have. I think I can confidently say he wouldn’t have imbibed in what they were offering. But that’s because he was so awesome about turning things like that around so that when we think we know what we’re offering we really find out what we’re lacking, right?

It made me a little bit sad to think that Jesus would have been on the hill with them and not walking with me instead. But that’s just silly, isn’t it? Yes, he would have hung out with the marijuana users, and the abusers, but he also would have been down at the bottom of the hill with the nursing mamas. He would have been ambling along with Grandma Marty in her walker. He would have been under the bridge with the unsavorable and unlovable. He would have been at the side of the river throwing rocks with my boys. 

Jesus meets us where we are.


Jesus meets you where you are.


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