Jigsaws in my Kitchen

So this is what my kitchen looks like right now:

How does he possibly know which pieces belong to which puzzle?

How does he possibly know which pieces belong to which puzzle?

My boys are in a jigsaw puzzle mania. I bought a couple boxes at a thrift store. One was a 300 piece puzzle which Big Brother and I did together. The other contains 10 puzzles all with 24 double-sided pieces, essentially 20 puzzles. Since all the puzzles must be done at the SAME time, the only flat surface big enough for this endeavor is our kitchen floor.

So for the past two weeks my kitchen has looked like this. The funny thing about kids (and by funny, I mean mind-numbing) is that they can do the same thing 4700 times and never get bored of it. I can quote most of our Boz the Bear and Curious George videos (please don’t make me) as evidence of this. This means that these puzzles have been put together dozens of times but the fun still has not been sucked dry.

There is a downside to this:

2013-11-18 18.03.02

Can we just ignore the filth that has collected on my heel? It’s kind of hard to sweep up spilled oatmeal around puzzle pieces, okay?

The pieces are constantly sticking to my feet! (Okay, I realize the problem could simply be solved if I just wore socks, but I hate wearing socks without shoes. I like bare feet.) It’s fun though, because if the puzzles are completely put together before lunch they will be a mess again after I walk on them while I make lunch. Which, of course, means that after lunch the boys are amazed that somehow the puzzles became undone and I get an hour of silence as they put them all back together. Sneaky, right?

I keep reminding myself, It’s a learning experience for them. They are developing their brains. Have you ever put up with this kind of craziness for a good reason?


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