Grandma Marty

While walking to Confluence Park last Saturday (taking advantage of a beautiful, warm day!) we met lots of people and pets, as usual. Pushing two kids in a double stroller seems to attract a LOT of attention for some reason. Perhaps because my boys wave and smile to everyone they meet as if they are in a parade. As we approached a darling old lady pushing a walker she stopped and put her hands in the air.

“I have an offer for you that you can’t turn down,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “I’ll trade you, even.”

She pointed to our double stroller and then held up her walker, laughing. I actually get this a LOT. People either are offering to trade whatever it is they are riding, or beg to climb in between the guys and ride along too. We really don’t have a fantastic stroller, it’s just big.

We laughed and said, “Sure, climb in!”

She then introduced herself to the boys as “Grandma Marty” and then proceeded to speak in Spanish to them. She was not Hispanic. She then encouraged (really, almost begged) us to teach the boys Spanish while they’re still young. “They won’t know any different that way.”

With a quick, “Adios,” she continued down the path as we turned and watched her disappear.

I love the people of this city.


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