On the Playground

I keep forgetting to do the playground sweep before I set my boys loose to play. If we arrive to an empty playground I really need to do a quick look-around under the equipment, on top of the slides, in the woodchips, etc. No, I’m not a crazy paranoid mom, this is really a necessity.

Questionable items we have found at the playground:
Utility knife
Drug paraphernalia
Money (okay, so this is not a bad thing)
Sleeping persons

Yes, today I let the boys go and Big Brother came running back pretty quickly and calmly said, “Umm, Mom? I just woke that guy up.”

I looked up to see a man stagger away from the playground and head off down the street. I think he was perhaps sleeping in the shade under the platform? I’ve considered lying down under there myself on a warm day while the boys play.

But healthy, grown men do not sleep on playgrounds in the middle of the day. So this shook me a little bit. The boys were completely unaffected by this and played on. We’ll have a talk about it later, I’m sure.

Has something like this ever happened to you?


4 thoughts on “On the Playground

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  3. Galaxian

    And those used syringes are potentially quite dangerous, able to serve as vectors for HBV, HCV, and HIV, all nasty. But the problems begin long before people are sleeping in your park. The roots of this history go back literally centuries, and have much more to do with ideology and public policy in our country than one might suspect.


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