And…We’re Back!

Okay, so it’s just me, the Mama. The blog is back. It’s time to let the world (ok, maybe just our family and friends) know what’s up in the Sheppard household. I thought that instead of starting a new blog I would just continue on with the old. Redeem it, I guess. As I read through the old posts I wanted so badly to erase a few, change the wording on others, etc. But I left them as they are. Feel free to reread. We are no longer missionaries, but our lives are ever dependent on our Savior. This is our journey in a new city: Denver!

Our goal for the last several years has been to move back to Denver (we lived here briefly when we were newlyweds) and settle down. Still waiting for the “settling down” part, but we are here. I have made the choice to stay home with the Littles and as challenging as it is at times, I know it’s the right thing. My desire is to raise boys with a strong moral compass in a city that offers them anything but.

We spend our days exploring our neighborhood (woot, woot, Curtis Park!) and our mountains (helloooo Rockies!). It’s humorous, heartbreaking and eye opening (the homelessness, prostitution, drug trafficking, etc), and ultimately a huge classroom for the boys. I don’t want to shield them from the darkness and evil all around us, but rather teach them through it. Maybe you can find encouragement or commonality as you read about our adventures in living.

Check out the Our Story page for a little more info about what we are about.


2 thoughts on “And…We’re Back!

  1. Linda Johnson

    Bruce has an opportunity to come to Denver next week for work but I don’t think he’s going to. I first asked if I could come too and then told him he could see the Sheppard’s. He would arrive Monday, work/train Tuesday and fly home Wednesday. If he does end up coming I’ll let you know.


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