Freezer Mania 2011- Take 2

About 2 months ago a certain sister of mine who shall remain nameless (you know who you are!) may or may not (she did) have accidentally left the door to our freezer above the fridge open for several hours. Subsequently, the motor kicked into overdrive and both the freezer and the refrigerator quit working.

See how neat and organized this is? Yeah. This is definitely not how things are done in my house.

Of course, this happened on the worst possible night (these things always do, don’t they?). Tim had several high school boys coming over later to save the universe by shooting zombies with Wii remotes (Call of Duty, perhaps?), and I had a couple of young ladies coming over to paint our toenails and make ourselves otherwise glamorous. The evening worked out fine, the only real hassle was digging snacks in and out of several ice-filled coolers for the bottomless pits otherwise known as 16-year-old boys.

Five borrowed oversized coolers, half a dozen soaked towels, and 12 hours later we determined that our refrigerator and freezer were ready to join the world of the living appliances. But first, we had a very humble young lady (thank you, Sis!) work out her penance by giving each section a good scrubbing. Once all the food was put back in, we celebrated the end of FreezerMania 2011.

Or so we thought.

We have an upright freezer in our garage that has been on its last legs all summer. The only food we keep in there are about 12 half-gallons of homemade apple cider and one frozen turkey. We thought that once the cooler weather arrived it would not have to work so hard to keep cool and it would quit rattling like an antique John Deere.

Well, the good news is that it did quit rattling. We didn’t really notice the absence of it for a while, unfortunately. Until the puddle. Tim first noticed in the morning before he left for school. He opened the freezer to see what was up and quickly shut it. Then he left for school, thinking he would deal with it when he got home.

I was getting ready to leave with Gabriel later that morning and could not figure out where this awful stench was coming from in our downstairs. The smell of putrid turkey and rotting cider had somehow crept in through the garage door and was permeating the living room and entryway. As soon as I opened the garage door I ran gagging to the van in order to hurriedly put Gabriel in and open the big door.

So here we go again: FreezerMania Round Two. This one involves getting rid of the actual appliance as well as clearing out the puddle and smell. Neither of which sound like an easy or fun job.

On an unrelated topic, would anyone like to buy any fermented apple cider? I hear it cures what ails ya!


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