Beware the Sleep-Deprived Woman!

I thought I was doing well with the whole sleep deprivation thing. The reason for this being that I am overly pregnant and uncomfortable. I get a great night’s sleep about 1 out of every 6 nights. I thought I was coping pretty well, holding up my end of conversations, remembering to brush my teeth, that sort of thing.

Until today, that is. This is an actual conversation I had with my dad over the phone. (Words in italics are my internal dialogue.)

Dad: Did you know Mom got a ticket yesterday?

Me: Like, for speeding? Is this any of my business? Why is he telling me this?

Dad: No, for flying!

Me: For flying?? Okay, think quickly. Does he mean she was going super fast, or is she some sort of pilot now?

Dad: No! For flying. In a plane. To come see you?

Me: (pause) Ohhhh! A plane ticket! Gotcha.

Even worse, this was the reason I called home in the first place, to find out when my mom was coming up to stay with us.

The good news is, she is coming soon to help with Gabe and with the new baby. And maybe I will get caught up on my sleep with her here. Until then, I’m a little scared for myself and those around me. Watch out!


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