Bring Me Flowers

My son loves flowers. Also weeds. He can’t tell the difference, and sometimes I can’t either. He is so curious and fascinated by the world, so the fact that there are so many different colors and shapes of flowers just amazes him. When we explore in our garden, or in the woods, we have to stop and touch them all.

Tim prompted him a couple times during the summer to pick some flowers and bring them to me. I absolutely love this. He now does this by himself. I know nothing about flowers but who can resist a little boy running up on stubby legs holding out a sweaty fist clenched around some wilting weeds? “Here Mama!”

Okay, so maybe he could work on his presentation a little. The other day he ran up with a handful and demanded, “Take the flowers, Mommy! Take the flowers!” Okay, maybe a lot.


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