With Faith Like a Child

Every night before bed we read to our 2 year old son, Gabriel. A few nights ago I was reading a book about how Jesus loves children. It is a book geared toward my son’s age group and is made of stiff foam with removable pieces. It is only about 5 pages long and is incredibly simple but it is one of his favorites.

The first page shows Jesus holding his arms out to the children around him. I asked Gabe what was going on and suggested that maybe Jesus was hugging the children. In his typical toddler fashion, he said no, Jesus was chasing the children. I almost laughed out loud. But when I thought about it, I recalled my son’s giggle as his daddy chases him around the living room. Playing tag is one of his favorite games and so it only seems natural that Jesus would chase the children too, doesn’t it? Can’t you just picture him running after them, laughing along with them? When he catches them maybe he showers them with kisses or tickles them. What a fun picture of our Savior.

The next page talked about Jesus feeding over 5,000 people by the seashore. It shows Jesus sitting around a table with a basket of some kind of lumpy food about to pass it out to some children. Gabriel informed me that Jesus was feeding them scrambled eggs. I didn’t bother correcting him. Scrambled eggs with cheese are one of his favorite foods, so of course that’s what Jesus would feed the children.

On the last page it shows Jesus in the middle of a circle of children. I asked Gabriel what was going on in this picture and he told me that Jesus was dancing with the children. Of course! Can’t you imagine them giggling together, maybe reciting some silly rhyme as they all dance together?

I pray that my son never loses his childlike view of Jesus. This Jesus who cares enough about his children to take the time to play silly games with them. He is affectionate. He is silly at times. And he only wants the best for them. I hope that I can have that kind of faith. Faith that believes that Jesus cares about even the smallest elements of my life. Who desires my fun side. Who, if he were in my kitchen, would scramble eggs for me. With cheese! I think this is the most accurate picture of Jesus I have heard in awhile. And it came from a two-year old boy. I like to think that I am teaching my son, but the reality is, he is always teaching me.


2 thoughts on “With Faith Like a Child

  1. Patty Rankin

    Oh, Em that is soo sweet and precious, always out of the mouths of babes!! it is neat that you can have this space to write your thoughts and memories of your child!! I wish I would have done something like this. Although, with Tommy and Ashley I kinda have with the “Messengers”!! Love ya girl you are an awesome momma!!


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