8 Reasons For Me To Never Go Outside This Winter

1. I have a fireplace. It is extremely warm. I have a chair with a blanket in front of the fireplace. Gabriel likes to sit in this chair with me for hours and read books–usually the same ones over and over again. I cannot treasure these times enough.

2. Hot coffee. I love nothing more on a cold winter afternoon than to sit in my chair (see above) with a steaming cup of joe while Gabriel naps. The bitter drink brings feeling back to my cold fingers and toes while the caffeine renergizes me in order to face the rest of the day. If I take my hot coffee outside, it is no longer hot. This is gross. Therefore, I will stay inside.

3. Hot tea. (See above. Insert “morning” for “afternoon,” and subtract the caffeine.) Same rule applies. Hot tea is better consumed within the warmth of my home.

4. Good conversations. I love having a deep conversation with a dear friend. Gabriel is too distracted for this. Any attempts with him usually end up on the subject of trucks or dogs, and that’s just my end of the conversation. Therefore, I try to make time to get together with people who might be a little better at conversing. This is usually done over coffee or tea (see above). I meet regularly with a group of high school girls in order to discuss life, the Bible, and spiritual matters. Sometimes this takes me out of my house. This is unfortunate. I am subjected to about 8-10 seconds of freezing wind when I get out of my car. I’m trying to develop a tunnel system to avoid this. My college had one. I only need to figure out how to convince every place I ever visit to install an underground tunnel for me to walk through. Hmm…

5. My garage. This is the first home that we’ve lived in that has had a garage. I am loving it. I can get Gabe strapped in and get myself in the car all without having to be outside. This avoids the wind whipping around my body and blowing precipitation into the van as I try to strap in a squirmy toddler. Unfortunately it is only a few degrees warmer in the garage than outside. I think this could easily be fixed. We need some sort of heat source. Perhaps a fireplace. I’m trying to convince Tim that it would be worth it to heat the garage…apparently that sort of thing is just not done. He won’t do it. I think the garage concept is a great idea. I think garages should be everywhere, at the grocery store, the gas pump, the park. Imagine the entire WalMart parking lot covered by a heated garage dome. That would be amazing. And warm.

6. It’s freezing outside! Really, do I need a reason beyond this? We have a small pile of snow right inside our back patio door. How did it get there? It blew in through the cracks I guess. It’s not melting. This is wrong. I will stay inside, away from doors and windows.

7. My Wii Fit. I may look like a fool attempting intricate yoga poses, but I can get a full workout in without ever leaving my living room.

8. Too many clothes. In order to leave the house, I have to put boots, jacket, mittens, and a hat on Gabe. Then I have to bundle myself up with many bulky layers as well. By the time I am ready, Gabe has taken off several articles of clothing. Then I have to put his back on after I chase him down and recover the items he stashed away. By the time I get him dressed again I am sweating. This fools me into thinking it’s really not that cold outside. So I take off a couple articles of warmth. We finally get outside and I mentally kick myself for taking off that second pair of socks, or leaving my scarf behind. Is it worth this hassle every time?

What are your reasons to stay inside this winter?


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