Walkin’ on the Word

The Word of the Lord is powerful. I truly believe that. I believe that His words spoken or written have power. I believe that the name of Jesus can cast away evil and heal brokenness. I think words are powerful things and shouldn’t be used lightly.

We are preparing to open a coffeehouse as part of the ministry we are involved in. The wood flooring has recently been installed and the place is looking more and more beautiful and hopeful. It has been a process many years in the making. Before that layer of flooring was put down we invited the youth to write on the plywood underneath. We wrote Bible verses all around the floor. We encouraged them to not pick things randomly, but rather imagine where things will be set (tables, counter, chairs, etc.) in the future and think about what verses will be best for each space.

The floor was soon covered with the Word of God. It was an amazing experience to walk around the room and read what they had written. Right by the back door was a verse encouraging us to go out in love and serve one another. This was right next to the beatitudes. Snippets of God’s promises to His people lay spread around the room, where soon easy-chairs, coffee tables, and book shelves will be. Written on the doorpost is Deuteronomy 6:5, beseeching us to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and strength as we go out into the world.

For as long as that building stands, God’s Word will literally be part of it. We will be walking on it, sitting on it. It think it is more than just words, I think it has power. It is my prayer that we will not forget what’s written underneath the floor. But remember and receive the blessing that awaits us. This building will be a place filled with His presence. His Words are powerful.


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