You Are What You Eat

Gabriel tries to figure out how to eat this strange new food...

My husband recently asked me to buy more vegetables. I would much rather eat a carbohydrate than a vegetable, but I had to agree with him: we needed to make a change in our diet. Our summer schedule was such that we didn’t buy very much fresh produce because we weren’t home consistently enough to eat it before it spoiled. Now that we are into a regular routine, it is time to get back on the “real food diet.”

How we eat affects our energy level, our health, and our attitude. We spoke about this concept this summer at Camp Elijah. I taught in chapel about putting the right things into our bodies. I asked the campers what would happen to them if they only ate junk food all the time. I said the same principle applies to what we put into our mind. What comes out of my mouth and my thoughts is directly related to what goes in. It’s important  to watch what I put before my eyes. This is integrity.

Recently, one of the students who was at camp this summer spoke to me about the issue of integrity. He brought up what I had taught this summer. I was thrilled that what I had spoken about then has apparently sunk in with at least one camper. At the same time, I was deeply humbled. I became aware of the fact that me and my family are being watched to see if our lives agree with what we taught at camp.

This made me think. Am I putting the right things in? I am currently cleaning out the cupboards and refrigerator in order to fill them with healthy things, things that contain life. Is it time to do the same with my mind? I need to find more life-giving content to fill my soul. We recently decided to quit watching a TV program that we have been following for a couple of years. We saw that if we want to live lives of integrity, it is time to clean out the junk. That way when others look at our life, everything will add up. Our private life will match the public. That’s integrity.


2 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. Pastor Walt

    It is a little freaky when you realize that the students are actually listening and attempting to apply your teaching to their lives. And humbling too!

    Keep up the great work for Christ!



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