Gabriel Braden

As a proud father, I just have to blog about my son, Gabriel. He is such a ham! It’s been pretty much non-stop up here with the playing and the eating and the chasing after Dora. Gabriel has only two settings, off and full speed ahead. He climbs stairs just as fast as he can, seeing any sort of obstacle as a mountain to climb. Just yesterday he took three steps towards me as he was up on a box by the window. He wasn’t concerned about the drop off. We tried to block him off from the kitchen with a box, but he just stepped into it and then got back out on the other side. I don’t know where all the energy comes from. I hope that God will use all his energy and determination as he grows up in the Lord. I’ve been reading about Nehemiah and his determination with building the wall of Jerusalem, and I can see that same determination in Gabriel. In Nehemiah 6, Nehemiah tells the opposition, “I am doing a great work, and I can’t come down.” I could see Gabriel telling me that as he speeds towards Dora’s food dish or heads for the staircase in order to climb all the stairs for the 6th time. With all this energy, we are definitely praying and hoping that Gabriel stays out of trouble this week at camp. If we don’t watch, he will be off in the woods making friends with all the woodland creatures. I have enjoyed seeing Gabriel make his home here and watching as he lets himself be heard. I think this wide-open country fits nice with Gabriel’s character. Praise God that he made a nice transition!


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